CPH Development Coaches!

Carolina Premier Hockey is Extremely excited to announce Development Coaches for the 2024 – 2025 Season!

CPH went into the off season looking to further strengthen the development model that has been implemented over the past few seasons. In looking to Strengthen that program, CPH wanted to add more development coaches to an already impressive list of coaches and CPH feels like they have done that. Over the course of the season, you will see more development coaches on the ice in a more active role working towards the same goal. Developing young athletes on and off the ice. All these coaches come to CPH with a wide range of coaching and playing back ground at all levels of hockey!

Development Coaches

Chris Cosentino

Matt Steeves

Justin Fisher

Cam Parrott

Trevor Jewell

Trevor Kleckner

Matthew Lawhon

Misha Shibanov


* For more information, please visit the Coaches page on our website!