Tier 2 Coaches For The 2024 – 2025 Season!

CPH is extremely excited to announce the Coaches and Coaching Staffs for the Tier 2 teams for the 2024 – 2025 season.


Head Coach: Troy Schwab


Head Coach: Mike Keller


Head Coach: George Thompson


Head Coach: Mike Lorusso


Head Coach: Isaiah Bennis

Associate Head Coach: Joe Reddick

* All of these individuals bring a very experienced set of skills in the coaching and playing categories. CPH has coaches that have experience at the NHL level all the way down to the 8u level. They have the ability to interact and coach kids at all levels, skill sets, and personalities. CPH has put an effort to adding elite hockey people and elite hockey minds to their staff and this summer they have added just that.

Coaching Profile: Troy Schwab

Coaching Profile: Mike Keller

Coaching Profile: George Thompson

Coaching Profile: Mike Lorusso

Coaching Profile: Isaiah Bennis

Coaching Profile: Joe Reddick

* For more details and information, please visit our website.